Orb is a challenging casual game that will keep your fingers twitching for more!

You control one Red Orb by dragging your finger across the screen. Once you start moving your Red Orb, the Black Orbs will try to eliminate you by crashing into your Red Orb. A new Black Orb will appear every five seconds trying to eliminate you. Be careful not to touch walls either because walls will destroy your Red Orb. Need a break, just simply lift your finger off the screen and time stops. Compete with friends for the Highest Score. Now get your Orb Moving!!!

Red Orb

This is your orb. Time only moves when the Red Orb is moving. When you release the Red Orb, time freezes.

Orb Cannon

Orb Cannon launches a new Black Orb every five seconds until you are eliminated.

Black Orbs

Black orbs try to eliminate you. They only move when time is moving, which is controlled by the Red Orb.