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Uber Self-Driving

January 2016 — Current


Amazon Register

September 2014 — January 2016

Amazon Register is a mobile app and secure card reader that provides merchants with the tools to accept credit and debit cards. Register combined hardware and software to create a point of sale product for retailers looking to process orders with credit cards as well as cash.


September 2015

A weekend project in an attempt to turn regular iPhone ear buds into noise cancelling earbuds using an audio techinque known as phase inversion. The concept is to listen to audio from the microphone, attached to the right ear wire, send that audio to the phone for phase inversion, and play the inverted phase back through the earbuds. The sample project ended up not working due to latency in the system, but if latency could be reduced and there was a dedicted audio co-processor this would be possible.



September 2014

Ephemerial gesture interface built using multipeer connectivity for the iPhone and iPad.



April 2014 — August 2014

Emo is an emoji status update from your friends. When they update their emo, you get notified.

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May 2014

This game was created to test the three major app stores. I created an game that was distributed to all three stores with the goal of testing the effectiveness each store.

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Touch Visualizer

March 2014 — Today

Enhance your presentations, vidoes and collaboraiton by visualizing touches in your iOS application.


Full Screen Gestures

February 2014 — May 2014

While working on an iOS app, our team became frustrated at the speed and efficiency of native mobile widget interactions. The new mobile/touch platform is still using widgets and interactions from the old desktop/mouse platform. Realizing an opportunity for new paradigms, we challenged ourselves to reimagine widgets using the full screen. The original ideas flowed from a full screen color picker which is the first widget we implemented. The color picker was the first step in creating the Conopsys (COS) widget set.


Flappy Block

February 2014

This is an iOS version of the smash hit Flappy Bird built using iOS7's physics engine. Since Dong Nguyen took the game down, I wanted to see how hard it would actually be to create the game. This is the No Mercy Edition so when you lose you have to quit the game which adds an extra level of annoyance. to an already annoying game. This was made only as an exercise for using the physics engine. Good luck and have fun.



July 2013 — August 2013

Test project to learn iOS8 new APIs. This project uses Widgets, Swift, and UIEffectView to give the user a beautiful single page weather report.


November 2013

An iOS application created for a Parse + Facebook hackathon. The application lets you quickly rate things on a scale of 0-5 as well as letting you add a category and an adjective


August 2013

Group Spotify powered jukebox. This design concept allows multiple users to create a group playlist using Spotify's API. The Jukebox host uses their their device to play the music while other users can add songs and then vote them up or down.


April 2013 — August 2013

iOS game I created using the rules from a blog post of a game called Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe. I designed the application, produced the music, created the graphics, developed the universal binary iOS application, created the website, and created the marketing material


December 2009 — March 2010

Contest to design a Washington D.C. Metro transit mobile web application. The application tied into WMTA's API to provide real-time alerts and train schedules.


April 2008 — September 2011

Online Real-Time Speed Trap Database which real-time geo-tagging to add and alert users when speed traps are near. The application was built cross platform to run on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 6.


Chrome • Safari • Firefox

February 2013 — Current is a website to generate useful .gitignore files for your project. The site uses a a function command to allow you run git ignore from your command line via gi command.

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December 2012 — Current

My main landing page for all of my work. The site uses a creative string which contains every digital means of reach me including phone number, email and all of my social networks.


February 2013 style URL shortner that was a coding challenge for a job interview at GetAround. Google App Engine based code with test cases and a UI

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September 2012 — December 2012

Twitter based job search engine concept that uses hashtags to create job titles. #$ would be a custom hashtag for adding a skill to your profile. Users can then search for skills based on indexed Twit Skills.

Male/Female Translator

December 2009 — August 2014

Male/Female translation site which I created as a joke site while Text From Last Night was popular.


TV Applications • Desktop • Web Browser Extensions


June 2012 - July 2012

The Stop Online Piracy Act web browser plugin alerts you to which sites support SOPA. This plugin runs in the background and proivdes a large alert to let you know if the website that you're using is a SOPA supporter.


April 2005 - Current

Original designer of Install Root; The DoD Intermediate and Root certificates installer. This Java application installs Intermediate and Root certificates into your store in and in-band fashion. This application is run on millions of machines.


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